Carry on.


When I signed up for the graveyard position, I made a commitment to the assistant supervisor that I will stay in the graveyard shift for four years. I think that’s what really got me the position in the first place. Now, there are a number of assistant supervisor and Supervisor positions opening up. My assistant supervisor decided to leave the company. I was strongly considering applying for those positions in spite of this commitment. However, as I launched Openoffice, I had the strong feeling that I should keep my commitment that I originally made. I promised to stay for four years, so four years I will stay.

Thinking about it more, I realized – How would it look when those managers look at my file and see that commitment that I made, only to reneg on it six months into it? I wouldn’t get the job. I would also show that I am not a man who keeps his word.

Furthermore, if I did get the job, how would I complete my education? Do I go after the good money now without the prospects of getting a higher position? Or do I go after big money in the future with okay money now?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I should be patient. It’s not time for me to go applying for those positions. If a graveyard shift assistant supervisor position opens up, I will most certainly apply. I try my best to keep my word… I shouldn’t stop doing that now.

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