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Protected: Understanding

Hi Hun…

Today, you came to me all frustrated saying,

“They just don’t understand. Your Mom and Dad don’t understand, your sister doesn’t understand, my sister doesn’t understand”

“What dont they understand?”

“They don’t understand why we don’t have any money with the salary that we earn.”

Thinking about it, we’ve already pared down as much as we could. we don’t have fancy phone plans, RRSPs large stereos and weekly trips to expensive Italian restaurants.

What we do have… a car, tuition and expenses for our child and debt. In spite of all these expenses – I know what’s on the back of their mind … “They’re in so much debt and yet they pay ten percent of their income to their Church. What kind of a Church would force them to pay so much?”

I suppose that if we took our tithing and used it to pay for other things, our financial situation will be different. But will our lives be better? Think of our lives when we choose to pay tithing.

When we choose to pay tithing, we choose to have peace of mind in terms of our standing before God. When we choose to pay tithing, we choose to have access to His temples, His blessings and His guidance. We receive his protection and help.

We may not see the blessings in terms of worldly possessions. We don’t have a house yet. We don’t have the big nest egg of savings. But we do have worthiness and peace of mind when we go to pray to our Father in Heaven each night – a priceless treasure.

As we get closer to our goal hun, there will be lots of opposition. They don’t want us to succeed and accomplish our goals while paying our tithing and being faithful members of the Church. There are people out there that don’t want us to be happy on OUR terms.

Hold on for just one more year. We can do it, and we will have God’s hand to lead us along. I know that it’s hard, and I know that it’s frustrating. But if we have God’s hand to lead us, we can be ensured long term happiness.

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