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Time to Grow Up

The more I stay here in this basement, the more I realize that we need to grow up and face life on our own. Our parents had the best of intentions to allow us to stay in their basement while we get our finances in order. Now that we’re almost there, I sometimes wonder what our life would have been life had we started out on our own right after we got married. Would we have gotten into the financial mess we found ourselves in? Would we have had Nico? Would I have gone to school?

No sense in wondering what could have been… only what can be in the future. I’m really looking forward to the day where we can have our own place, to raise our children the way we want to, to have more kids, to wake up to a place that we we are working for with our OWN hand, our OWN sweat and our OWN sacrifice. That day will come sooner than you think, and I am so excited.

I am so grateful for my parents to allow us to start our life in their home. I don’t think we would have had Nico and I don’t think Evelyn would have had the chance to get an education if it hadn’t been for them. It was a very big sacrifice on their part, and our family will always be grateful.

But it’s time that we begin thinking of plans to start off on our own voyage. The goals have been set. The Plans are being made. I hope that our friends and family will encourage us… not hinder us. It would be nice to sail off with them.

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