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Nice to see old friends.

I can hardly remember the last time we were all together… wait a second, that last time soulbomber, curlywu and I were together was during Soulbomber’s wedding. I guess we all just get really busy trying to earn a living.

Come to think of it… when was the last time we’ve ever been out with our friends?

Anyway, these guys were my best friends in high school and college. It’s been so long that I’ve kinda forgotten what it’s like hanging out with good friends. Back in the day, we’d play Roy’s Playstation I or his top of the line “Dell” 386 with the sub woofer. ooooohhh. We’d talk about computer games, Anime (well, roy and vince did anyway) and stuff like that.

When Vince came over, we talked about Marketing and his online business. Thank goodness for the business courses at Cap… Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to say much. He has a great mind for business opportunties. Once he finishes his school, I’m sure he’ll do quite well. His Girlfriend is quite funny and friendly. They chatted it up in Tagalog… looked at us… then laughed. It’s times like these where I wish I knew Tagalog! Heh… Vince probably knows more than I do.

It was so nice to see Roy again. He has this Permanent smile in his face, no doubt because of his one year Anniversary to his love, Wakana. They make a great pair, and I can see why they get along so well.

Evelyn really went all out for the meal and cooked so much! I wish I could have helped more, but I was working and she insisted that I sleep early. She was so kind to do so much. They really liked her cooking, especially her katsu (breaded pork) Salad, Shrimp and Chicken. My Bruchetta was clearly not the hit of the evening since I burnt it. I hope she had a good time.

After eating, we left the dishes up to the girls (being the primeval men that we are) and spent the evening watching GI Joe cartoons… you know, the one from where they modify the “Knowing is half the battle” clips to something more funny. It was like old times, laughing at something utterly stupid and unproductive… kinda like Harold and Kumar go to white castle. Stupid, and Unproductive, yes… but fun nonetheless.

Alas, I had to go to work, but I hope we can do it again soon! Thanks Roy & Wakana and Vince and Carol for coming over. You’ll always be welcome here!

One thought on “Nice to see old friends.

  1. Roy

    Thank you for hosting a great dinner!
    Everything was delicious and it was awesome getting together again! Next time Vince or I should host the next one. It’ll be fun!

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