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Peter’s Drive in

Back in 1978, I was three years old. One of my earliest memories of my CHildhood was of a special place off the Trans Canada in Calgary: Peter’s Drive in.

There was something good about just being there. There was no Ronald MacDonald. There was no plastic play area and the food was actually pretty good. The Milkshakes actually didn’t taste like Chemicals.

But the thing that I remember most is that we used to go there as an entire Family, something that people these days rarely do.

When I turned 5, we moved out of Calgary to Vancouver, in search of a better, more warmer life. With lots of relatives in Calgary, we went back often, stopping by Peter’s Drive in on the way to Pinepoint and Templebow. It was a yearly tradition to stop by Peters when arriving and leaving Calgary – something to look forward to after a long ride through the Rockies.

Now I’m older with a family of my own. Over the past twenty years, nothing has changed: the food is still amazing, it’s still in the same location. Families still go there and there is not one speck of grafitti to be found. We’ll be going there this Labour day weekend with my son. He’s three years old now. I hope that he’ll treasure this place as much as I have.

One thought on “Peter’s Drive in

  1. mushroom

    HI hun,
    I rememeber Peter’s Drive In. We went their when you introduced me to your relatives in Calgary before we got married. Really good Milk Shake. I’m looking forward to go their this September. 🙂

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