Carry on.

Protected: Choose this day….

Financially, things have been a little bit hairy. Although we have enough money, when a big emergency comes around, our plans are thwarted and we’re faced with tough choices.

We had to buy new tires for the car, and that left us $300.00 in the hole.

In the end, it came down to a decision: either pay tithing, or pay for our bills.

But really, it was one obvious choice: pay tithing first… which we did.

Since then, a lot of good things have happened. we got an extension for our one of our consolidation loans, and some really good news… My employer has agreed to pay for two of my courses saving us around $900.00 Plus books!

We were also able to get a little bit more to pay for one of our student loan payments, which was a nice touch!

Tithing pays. It really does. I hope we never ever get behind again!

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