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Meet the Morning Dawn

One thinks of the fisherman called Simon, better known to you and to me as Peter, chief among the Apostles. Doubting, disbelieving, impetuous Peter, in fulfillment of the Master’s prophecy, indeed did deny Him thrice. Amidst the pushing, the jeers, and the blows, “the Lord in the agony of His humiliation, in the majesty of His silence . . . ‘turned and looked upon Peter. ‘ ” 5 As one chronologist described the change: “It was enough. . . . ‘[Peter] knew no more danger, he feared no more death.’ . . . [He] rushed forth into the night . . . ‘to meet the morning dawn.’ . . . This broken-hearted penitent [stood] before the tribunal of his own conscience, and there his old life, his old shame, his old weakness, his old self was doomed to that death of godly sorrow which was to issue in a new and a [nobler] birth.” 6

~Thomas S. Monson Ensign Feb 2004

Growing up, I have heard nothing but the fact that Peter denied the Savior three times. However, few people realize that in spite of his denial, he Repented and became the leader of the Church and brought to pass much righteousness with the people he met. He changed his life and as Monson says, he rushed forth into the night to meet the morning down. He worked his hardest and spent his life serving the Lord.

This passage above really struck me. There are times where I feel so far from him. There are many, many times where I have done absolutely the wrong thing. There are times where I have betrayed His trust and disappointed Him. But Looking how He entrusted Peter after much repentence, and hard work… there may be hope for me yet. I must be like Peter… I must shed my old life… my old shame… my old weakness… my old self… doom to death that old Yongsa and issue a new and nobler birth. Perhaps it’s not too late. I’m still here, and I’m still alive!

I must meet the morning dawn of my new resolve. It’s hard though. It’s tough to get out of old habits. Sometimes old bouts of discouragement and depression can get so strong that they eventually become “comfortable” and needed. I need to shake them away.

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