Carry on.

Is it too late?

Is my life path already hard coded to a destiny of medocrity and unfultilled dreams?
Is it too late for me to make those necessary changes in my life to fulfill those dreams and goals that I’ve always had when I was little?
Am I being too greedy or selfish for expecting so much out of my life?
Should I expect less or hope for less so that I’m not as disappointed?

These are the questions that wriggle their way into my mind whenever I’m not careful…. and I haven’t been very careful lately. Fear, Self Doubt, discouragement these demons are my nemesis and have been hindering me.

The interesting thing is that when I’m battling these demons, my wife is always there to encourage me and remind me that things will be okay.

Looking at my career options, I’ve decided to persue my CMA designation after completing my degree. I was thinking of going to a CGA program, but CMA seems more in line with what I would like to do. Certified Manegerial Accountants make strategic financial decisions to further business goals. They deal with risk and change management, strategic planning, marketing and product development, human resources and information systems – just the right mix of skills that I would like to develop.

I see the path in front of me. I just need to walk through it.

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