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Don’t feed the foxes

From Surrey Stake Conference, 30 January 2005.

If you want to see a fox in your back yard in “Jolly ol’ England”, Get a big, fat juicy bone with some meat on it and place it on your back yard. After a few days you’ll see foxes.

A recently immigrated family did just that one day. They placed a nice jucy ham bone, with a little bit of meat along the end, in their back yard. After the first day, no foxes. but the second day, in the early evening, a fox started gnawing on the bone. By the third day, they had four foxes in their back yard.

Unfortunately, by the fourth day, all the meat had been gone, but that didn’t stop the foxes from arriving. Without any meat to grab their interest, they started wrecking havoc on the back yard. They dug up the family’s garden, tipped over flower pots, dug holes underneath fences… essentially a nuisance.

By the sixth day, the father said, “That’s it! No more bone and no more foxes!”. The dad took the bone and threw it away, hoping the foxes will leave also.

But the foxes remained, finding all sorts of things in the backyard that they can get themselves into. It took a lot… including the expensive services of an exterminator to get rid of them after many, many months.


The moral of the story?
There is no such thing as a ‘little’ lie. There is no such thing as ‘soft’ pornography. There is no such thing as ‘provocative’ music. Either something is good for you or something is bad for you. These ‘little’, ‘soft’ and ‘provocative’ things dull the senses, reduce your sensitivity to all the truly good things in life, until you find yourself lying habitually, watching hard core pornography and listening to music filled with hate and evil.

By this time, it’s much to late to get out of the little lies… and the soft stuff isn’t just good enough anymore. You’re trapped… and nothing short of hard earned repentance will get you back.

Wouldn’t it be much, much easier to just avoid the little lies and the soft pornography and the provocative music in the first place? Why put yourself through all of that? Don’t feed the foxes in the first place. Your life will be much more happier as a result.

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