Carry on.


One thing that I noticed growing up was how my mom and dad never seemed too stressed about their life and how our family was developing. At least, they never told me… There are many things that I worry about… how our son is growing up: Is he growing up to be a kind and generous person? He is growing up with a love for learning? Is he watching too much TV or playing computer too much? What else can he be doing instead of TV or computer? … Why don’t we have our own place yet? How can we pay off debt faster? Is my wife happy? What can I do to make her more happy? How can I do all my school assignments? What about the test tomorrow? Am I going to be able to keep this job? What am I doing wrong?

I think my parents went through something similar,. How my parents went through our life without showing one bit of stress or worry is beyond me. My wife tells me she can see the worry on my face sometimes.

There are times where I worry A LOT. But like wishing, spending time worrying doesn’t bring your life to happier state of living. Sometimes, I think that I spend too much time worrying that I don’t have the things that I want. I end up forgetting the good things that I have in my life. I get stressed over the things that I can’t control that I forget to do things that I CAN control.

I need to remember that, next time I take out my stress on other people.

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