Carry on.

Mr. Reis Said:

“You can pay me now… or pay me later.”

My grade five teacher would say this at least twice a day during my stint at St. Michaels. They’re great words of advice and warning. Today, I sat through BADM 102 – Quantitative methods. Just to give you a little hint on what it was about, they spent two hours talking about Bedmas – a grade nine mathematics review. To my surprise, the rest of the class felt that the speed of the class was either too fast or just right! Today, we spent two hours talking about ratios – again another grade nine math concept. It’s just plain torture for someone who went through third year second order differential calculus courses.

They didn’t give me credit for it. So, I have to take it. I guess this is payback for all the time I wasted in UBC and other opportunities that I didn’t take advantage of. Oh well.. the benefit is the A that I will get when I complete the course. I won’t accept anything lower!

Business law is quite an interesting course. For some reason, the teacher is intent on discussing same sex marriage in each class. the general consensus of the other members of the class is that it’s okay and that it should be allowed. I find myself in the very small minority who believe that same sex marriage is wrong and that marriage should be defined as being between a man and a woman.

People may ask me why I believe that way. It’s against the teachings of God. I slowly see my country slipping away from the foundations of Eternal law and embracing man-made law. In our educational institutions, this push towards complete secularization of the country will be our downfall if we don’t do all we can to stop it. The more our laws are contradictory towards the laws of God, the more our society, communities and families will suffer for it.

That is why these religious groups are so dead set against it. We don’t want to see our country mutate into a society that makes no defferance to God. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is doing just that.

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