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Tsunami disaster – my thoughts

I’ve been avoiding a post on purpose regarding the Asian tsunami disaster, for fear of losing myself in the sorrow. It’s quite a horrible sight to see the footage of the powerful waves destroying everything in its path. I just think about the people who went through that. In just a matter of 30 minutes, families were torn apart, whole villages decimated and hundreds of thousands of people pushed into abject poverty.

I would like to put forth a new thought that a buddy of mine said at Church. If you look at the past five years since September 11th, the world was a very dangerous place, full of violence, war, rhetoric. The world was breaking apart and each country persued its own agendas.

In spite of all the suffering, I feel the world needs something like this to wake it up. I have only seen the world unite like this in a single cause during the Ethiopian famine in the 80s. Right now, political agendas are being placed aside in the hopes that the lives of these people may be made better. Even North Korea is providing aid to some of the nations, in spite of that nation’s poverty.

It’s times like these where I realize that man can be really good if they want to be.

We can all do more, and I hope we do. I hope that we can all do it together, regardless of what country we’re from and what we believe in.

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