Carry on.

Almost done for the term

Well, the last week of the playoffs… For me, the regular season is the school term. The playoffs are the finals. In this case, there is no option… I’m not playing the best of three… I’m looking for the three game sweep.

So why am I writing in my blog at 4:26 in the morning? Well, I’m just so excited that the term is just about over. I’ve had it up to here with Gubo and Palanka (Chinese 100), Cross functional Teams and Office politics (Organizational Behavior BADM 106) and Supply management Chains (Introduction to Marketing BMKT 161). I just want to rest and spend my time with my wife and kid and get my gentoo server working.

I’m looking forward to next week because it’ll mark the start of the Christmas holidays for me. I’ll be working through the Christmas holidays, but at least there will be no school. Ironic that I consider working 40 hours a week a “Holiday”.

I really miss my wife.

I hope it snows this Christmas. I just can’t get those images from Winter Sonata out of my head, Mushroom and I with the old man, romping in the snow without a care in the world. That’s the life that I’ve always wanted. For some reason, it seems quite far from me now. But Day by day, it’s getting closer where I can have that 9-5 job, Mondays-Fridays. I can have the evenings with my Family. But for now, it’s the sixteen hour days with work, School and sleep.

I hope we can pull through.

At least we’ll have two weeks of “Normal” life. I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway I just needed to get that out.

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