Carry on.

Studying for an exam

It’s 3:08 Am. I have a Chinese 100 final in six hours and I have one and a half more chapters to go. My brain isn’t fried yet… Just taking a breather. I think I’ll do just fine. It’s quite exciting to see just how much I’ve managed to learn in the past three months. Studying for this exam has taught me… I could have done a lot better if I studied this way throughout the term! I know… another “could have”, “Should have”, “would have”… but at least I’ve learned something for next term. Now that I’ve learned it, I need to apply it!

What a blessing it is to have an opportunity to gain an education. I’ve taken it for granted in the past with a corresponding lack of results. So much money and time was wasted those years at UBC and Athabasca. But I have mercifully been given another shot here at Capilano College. I will not take this opportunity for granted. Not this time! My family depends on it.

The past two days, I’ve been training during the day from 10AM-6PM for my new position in my company. I take the bus and come home with Mushrom. We were sitting at the dinner table today and she remarked, “Imagine the day where we can sit together like this… without any worry for exams, courses, graveyard shifts or other things… just us together at the dinner table.”

I look forward to that day. I would take five courses per term if I could afford it. Hopefully things will open up.

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