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Vacations – Defnitely Worth it!

I was reading an entry by cruzinflip and she asks, “Is it really worth going on vacation for 10 days just to get all stressed out after being back for only 3 days?”

For me, I say most definitely yes. Because we spend our waking hours day in and day out earning a living and doing things that we find repetitive or mundane, it makes those short vacations all the more enjoyable and relaxing. I mean, if life were all fun and games and relaxing, we wouldn’t appreciate the more enjoyable times in our life.

For cruzinflip, I don’t think she would trade that snake episode, in all its frightfulness and with the look on her cousin’s faces, for anything in the world. For me, I would never trade in the two hours we spent on Anini beach for anything in the world either. One year of working in Technical Support is most definitly worth the time I spent with my family floating on the shores of Kauai like a beached whale without a care in the world! 🙂

Hopefully, if things go right for us, I will finally get the chance to meet my in-laws and go with our family to the Philippines. That is our next goal. I am really looking forward to that vacation. The excitement it gives me, knowing that we will go in the not too distant future makes answering Internet calls so much more easier!

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