Carry on.

Back from Kauai

After leaving LA, I thought that nothing could top it.





After being spoiled in business class, I went back to reality and crammed myself into the sardine can known as economy. I can see why people pay the extra bucks to get the roomier executive class seats. I got mine on points, and customer service, but I look forward to the day where I will have no problem paying for those seats. Someday soon, yongsa, someday soon.

Upon leaving the airport gate, the humidity and the heat hit me like an oven. It was hot… and it was sticky and wet. But the air was fresh and clean and people had actual, real smiles on their faces. We got our rented car, “the minivan, ya” and drove to our place on the North Shore, Anini beach. It was mostly overcast, but not raining. The funny thing was that there were so many Chickens along the side of the highway. My uncles would have loved this… they would have set up a cock fight and made bets all weekend long!

Although we slept on the floor of the house we stayed in, we had the time of our lives, especially at the beach. For the first time, I snorkled. For the first time, I saw a REAL tropical fish in the flesh. Not on TV, not in an aquarium, not in a book… but in the flesh. I must of spent 2 hours just snorkling among the coral of Anini beach.

Nico had a ball too! He loved tracing his hands through the grainy sand while Evelyn waded in the water. The water there is so nice. Not too hot, Not too cold…. you could pee in the water and you won’t notice a difference in the temperature, like in the pool or a cold lake! 😉

I will never forget that beach. We had no worries. For me, answering Tech Support calls was furthest from my mind. For Evelyn, not one single accounting equation went through her head. For Nico? Well… Three years old… It was a new experience for him.

Dad wants to go back again next Christmas. I hope we have enough money to join him.

Coming back was hard. But like all good things, it had to end, but I felt refreshed and looking forward to the next holiday…. Philippines. But to warrant these trips, I knew that that I must work hard to earn enough for them.

So here I am, answering Technical Support calls and studying. But I have a taste for travel with my family now. I want it. and I will do all that I can to earn it.

Pictures coming up soon!


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