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Greetings from Los Angeles Airport!

I must admit… after visiting LA, Vancouver seems a lot more smaller. Instead of going to Koreatown, I took a tour around LA because it was so much safer. I visited Marina del Rey, where they filmed the intro to Gilligan’s Island. Very clean, and not too many people… quite similar to Westminster Quay but no fish market. It was the first time in my life that I ever saw a real, live Pelican! Flocks of them would hang around the dock!

I visited Venice beach, home of Van Morrison, Baywatch and Hulk Hogan. Took a picture of myself next to the lifeguard tower! David Hasselhoff eat your heart out! Evelyn would have loved it. Imagine Tofino’s Long beach, except twice as long, a LOT warmer with a lot more people having a good time. Right next to it… fancy houses and condos.

I took a stroll down 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. It’s just like Robson street except no cars and there were palm trees along the sides. Santa Monica is quite beautiful and seems safe… at least in the daytime.

I saw Beverly Hills… nothing more than small overly priced houses. Marine Drive around UBC is much better!

Rodeo Drive? Smaller than Robson Street with the same stores… but not as much tourist traps.

I had a burrito in Graumann’s Chinese Theatre! That place is so huge and quite beautiful. You’ll never think that there’s a 30 foot tower and column array inside when you look at the front. Took a picture of the Bruce Lee star on the hollywood walk of fame. I wanted to Lie down next to it and take a picture… Passed on it. Not too many people like Bruce Lee and may have spit on it!

I skipped KoreanTown because the only thing open by this time were the bars. I had no interest in going at all… and I don’t think Evelyn would have liked me to go into one anyway. Oh well. Maybe next time I can take Evelyn Shopping in KoreanTown when we come to LA together.

The highlight was the Los Angeles Temple! It’s twice the size of the Seattle temple. The people there were so friendly… but then again, it’s the temple… no matter where you go people in the Church tend to be welcoming and friendly anyway.

The big news of the day that everyone was talking about was the Election and how Bush managed to win in such a convincing fashion. I noticed that the High class executives and hotel patrons favoured bush while the Hotel staff leaned towards Kerry for the most part. Big news… I wonder how this will affect Canada?

Right now, I’m in the LA airport writing this blog. They have multiple languages running through the intercom: English, Spanish and get this… Korean! so cool!

We have about an hour to wait, and I hope that by now, Evelyn is in the security checkin line at the Airport. I miss her. I hope she gets to Hawaii okay!

Well, 2 minutes left! hee hee… kinda reminds me of those days on Cardz BBS where they would give us the 2 minute warning before the system shut down! I’m not going to put a nother dollar bill in this thing!

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