Carry on.

I feel spoiled.

Air Canada messed up our flights and forced us to stay overnight in Los Angeles. To top it off, they won’t pay for our accommodations since it’s in the United States

To make it up to us, they changed the flight time to the morning so we can enjoy the day in LA. Also, they upgraded our seats to Executive class… probably the only time in my life I could ever travel in this type of ticket in a long long time… that is, until I become a Manager of a good company! 😉

So right now, I’m writing from the Maple Leaf Lounge in Vancouver’s International Terminal. They have computers available for public use! This will probably be the last blog entry until we get back from Hawaii. If you’re reading this hun, I love you! We’ll see you tomorrow! Pray that I don’t get shot, mugged or Beat up in LA. Let’s hope the rumours are not true!

Take care!


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