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A quote from Jack Welch

I’ve been reading “jack: Straight From The Gut” by Jack Welsh, Warner Books 2001. This is an autobiography from one of the most successful CEOs in business. Jack Welch took over as CEO for GE in 1981 and brought it up to a multi billion dollar powerhouse of a company. In the process he erased a culture of heirarchy and bureaucracy and infused the company with a culture of achievement, quality and boundaryless behavior.

Out of all of the quoteable remarks, there is one quote that really stands out to me:

“[Your life is] a whole new ball game: Change, as you have never seen it, at speeds you’ve never seen. Wat fun for those who relish it. What fear for those who don’t grasp it.” ~ Jack Welsh

There was one moment in my life where I embraced change – when I decided to leave the comfortable confines of a a dormitory to become a Missionary for two years. I knew that a great change would come upon my life, particularly with my relationship with my parents where were not so keen on the idea. I was willing to accept the consequences – even the great possibility of not completing my Chemical Engineering degree – even risking living on my own should my parents not take me back after my mission. I was scared, but I had a duty and obligation to fulfill, and an uncomfortable change wouldn’t get in my way.

Fast forward to today. For many years, I had feared change – change in schedule, change in career, change in life. It is this attitude which has kept me from growing. What am I afraid of? I need to change my life and make it better, I need to strive beyond what I am currently achieving. I need to get rid of all those boundaries if I am to become the person I know I am capable of. I must stretch. I must embrace change, and take the heat should things get difficult.

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