Carry on.

A quote from Jack Welch – Part II

The second point in my life where I embraced change was the decision to marry Evelyn. The difference between this decision and my decision to be a missionary was that marrying Evelyn was the most easiest choices I made. Any changes in my life resulting from my marriage I was ready and willing to accept.

If you reading over the last paragraph, you may think that I was forced to accept those changes in my life. I wasn’t. I freely accepted everything because I knew that I wanted to be with Evelyn for the rest of my life and eternity.

The result? With Evelyn’s support, I’m here studying to get a degree. I’m a father. Because of Evelyn, we have both become better people. Because of our marriage, we can do more, see more and experience more of the blessings that life has to offer. Some people may say that single people have all the freedom. But people who put off marriage for a career close the door to so many beautiful and wonderful experiences. To me, that’s not freedom.

So…. change is good. I need to embrace change more. With Evelyn beside me, I know that I can go through change and endure it well.

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