Carry on.

Six more days!

I just want the next six days to fly by. It’s almost time for Hawaii and a nice surprise… a side trip to Los Angeles.

Aeroplan messed up our travel plans and forced us to stay an extra night in LA. So, we decided to take advantage of it and leave early in the morning on November 2nd so we can spend the day there. Unfortunately, Evelyn & Nico will be on a different flight.

So I’ll be going to the Los Angeles Temple. I’ve only seen pictures of it. I heard that it’s really really big! After that, I’ll probably take a bus tour to KoreaTown, ChinaTown and Little Tokyo since they’re relatively in the same area. Looking forward to some real Korean food and LA Kalbi. There are lots of Korean cultural museums that I’ll be seeing. Cruz walks the streets of Seoul… Seoul USA that is!

I tried looking for Filipinotown but there wasn’t much information on it. Also, I heard that it’s quite unsafe. So, Filipinotown is definitly out!

Six more days…. six more days!!

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