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To put myself on the right track again, I tuned into a CES Broadcast from September 2001. I’m so glad that my Internet connection is working properly today. After listening, I found a few things that helped.

“Stop seeking out the storms. Enjoy more fully the sunlight”

Isn’t it uncanny that most people, including myself have the tendency to not only notice but to actively seek the storms, the inconveniences, the flaws and abberations that we come across? When I was younger, although there were some times where I looked for the worst, for the most part, I was quite the positive guy. People have told me so. I hope that I can follow this little bit of advice. It feels so much better to focus on the positive things… like getting my two term projects done on time and in an excellent fashion for instance! Like the fact the two exams are largely multiple choice and True False and that I have done most of the reading! Relax, Kreiger. It’s not as bad as you think.

“Cynics do not contribute.
Skeptics do not create.
Doubters do not achive.”
I find that the more I doubt myself and my abilities, I tend to waste more time on things of little value.

“There may be some lean days ahead. There may be trouble. Do not dispair. do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clounds. Opportunities will eventually open up to you.”
Little by little, this has been happening to Evelyn and I. I never imagined that I would get a clean start in achieving an accredited official Degree when I left UBC the final time. But here I am with an opportunity to do something great! And I have a chance to do it well. I will put in the time.

“Go forward with faith and prayer, calling upon the Lord. As the years pass, you will notice that steady, gradual hand that directs you as you progress.”
This has been happening all of my life! Chemical Engineering, in spite of the horrors of Third year advanced calculus, resulted in me finding the gospel and having an amazing life experience in Korea. It would have never happened had I not gone to UBC. Had it not been for this gentle guiding hand, I would have never met my wife to be. I would have never been able to support a family. I would have have been able to get over the difficult times. The world is opening up to me. I just need to walk through and drink it all in.

Thank goodness my Internet connection was working today. Thank goodness that we have a Prohpet on the earth today to relay these messages to us.

If you will excuse me, I must study. There’s a good mark waiting for me and I need to grab it!

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