Carry on.

A reminder now and then.

There are times where I wonder if I had done the right thing… taking all of this money late in life and throwing it at a school in the hopes of getting some sort of credential.

With two major projects and two midterms coming within the next two weeks, I was getting just a litle bit stressed, especially since they were group projects. I was behind in my reading too. Let’s just say that all of it was just starting to “get to me”.

After getting my part of one of the projects done, I decided to reward myself with a break. I took Evelyn and Nico out for a drive for a couple of hours. We decided to look at houses – three bedroom townhomes that are definitely out of our price range. We looked at another complex – also out of our price range. We looked at a cheaper alternative – We can afford it, but I can never let Nicolas run free in such a run-down place like that.

Suddenly, the stress seemed to melt away with a realization of what I am doing. I’m going to school so we don’t have to live in that cheap place. I’m going to school so that my family can have a good place to live. I’m going to school doing projects and taking tests so that we can afford a decent home that Evelyn wants and deserves. She’s dead seat against getting a single floor condo, even though it’s the only thing that we could possibly afford on our salary in the Tricities, or anywhere within the Lower Mainland. So, in order to get the house that she wants, I need to graduate to even hope to get a position where we can afford that house in the area that we want.

A swift kick of encouragement in the pants is what it was. I need to graduate with honours so we don’t have to spend money on Tuition. Next term, I’ll need to take FOUR courses so I can qualify for a scholarship. It will be extremely hard, but I see no other way around it. We can’t save for school because money is so tight these days. But I can do it. I must. My family depends on it.

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