Carry on.

Scripture Study


I have a number of different co-workers of various faiths, most of them quite dedicated. For some reason, they all have this glow about them. You can tell that their faith gives them a special strength in their life.

One thing that they all do is study their scriptures every day. I was talking to one of them and I realized, “Hey! Why haven’t you been reading your scriptures every day? While we’re at it, why don’t you pray that much on your own anymore? No wonder you don’t have that same glow you used to.”

I’ve been denying myself the best protection that I could have against the tide of the world just by doing nothing. It’s easy. Pretty soon, you find your life not as satisfying or as exciting as it used to be.

Start Again!

I need to start again. I know that I’ve been saying this a lot over the past few months. Forgive me if I sound like a broken record. I think it’s better to fall one thousand times and get up and stay up the one thousand and first time! Let’s hope this is the one thousand and first time today!

‘How can we account for these miracles? Why the upsurge of activity in men long dormant? The poet, speaking of death, wrote, “God . . . touch’d him, and he slept.” I say, speaking of this new birth, “God touched them, and they awakened.” ‘ ~ Thomas S. Monson, Anxiously Enganged October 2004 General Conference

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