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Canada gets a lemon – a yellow submarine!

During Jean Cretien’s term, the Canada Liberal government purchased four submarines from the British Royal Navy. Apparently, they’re lemons. On her maiden voyage, the HMCS chicoutimi caught fire and resulted in the death of one officers along with several injuries from smoke inhalation. It ended up having to be towed back to Scotland.

After $750,000,000 of taxpayer money, we got four “yellow submarines” – lemons that we will probably spend several million dollars in retrofit and repair costs.

Here’s what the National Post has to say:

The Guardian called the submarine, renamed HMCS Chicoutimi after it was picked up by the Canadian navy at a Scottish port last weekend, “not such a bargain” for Canada in the wake of a deadly fire breaking out Tuesday, just two days after the Canadian navy took control of the vessel and it was chugging home to Nova Scotia. – Click here for National Post article

I wonder if the lease agreement includes some sort of Warranty? I wonder if Britain will do the honourable thing and repair it for free?

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