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The Cosby Show – Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from working on my project and watch a little bit of television. I tuned into The Cosby Show – the episode where the Huxtable family lip synced for their grandparents for their 49th wedding anniversary.

When I first saw that episode, I knew that I wanted to not only have a family like that, but I wanted to find the one who I could grow old with, the way those two grandparents did. Watching it now, I realize that the time is here, and that Evelyn and I are in the midst of building something truly truly wonderful and glourious.

During the four years of our marriage, I have seen Evelyn change and grow and blossom to the wonderful woman she is today. I like to think that somehow, I had a small part in that – to see her starting to live to the potential that our Father in Heaven enstilled inside her.

She certainly has done that for me. I don’t think anyone else could inspire me to work nights and study during the day. For the first time in a long time, because of her, I feel truly alive.

Lots of challenges out there to marriage these days. TV abhors it, Newspapers make fun of it, society sees it as a gamble that will most likely fail. But in the four years we’ve been married, so far we have made it work . We have many more years, however to prove those pundits wrong, and I hope that we do.

I need to be a better husband to Evelyn… some parts of me are still stuck in that childish mode – particularly with regards to the way I handle finances. Perhaps this is something I need to work on as a goal for next year.

I pray that we can continue to grow With each other instead of away from each other, in spite of working different shifts. Challenges abound, but with our Father in Heaven’s help, we’ll pull through. We won’t just endure the hard times, we’ll endure them well.

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