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Jazz and Music – Ressurection

Listening to: “Maybe you’ll Be there” Diana Krall, The Look of Love, Verve

I’ve been keeping myself busy, especially since Evelyn is now working full time. It was tough for the first couple of weeks, but I’m starting to get used to the fact that I can only see her for a few minutes each day and during the weekends.

So, to keep myself busy, I study. But I also found myself listening to music more that I have ever done in the past few years. For me, music is not new… In fact during my high school and elementary school days, it would be rare to see me without a Walkman or Discman growing out of my ear. Back in those days, I would listen to Boyz to Men, New Edition, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Mc Sar and the Real McCoy, Jackie Cheung, Dreams come True….

I’ve taken a liking to Kpop and OPM These days… probably because of the Radio Show that I’ll be hosting twice a month at

I’ve gotten into jazz in a big way too. Ate and I play “The Nearness of You” – her on the guitar, and me on the piano… Dad singing along in the background with my mom in her “key of Quilloy” piercing in once in awhile…. “Eeeeeeet’s just the neeeeeeerness of Yoooooooooouuuuu”.

Got my moontaxi Radio running too – a great way to get into the jazz scene.

I listened to a lot music in those days. I got a lot of good grades in those days too. Perhaps it’s a good sign! 🙂

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