Carry on.

Business Admin… where have you been all my life?

The more I dedicate myself to these classes that I’m taking, the more I realize that I feel at home here. I really enjoy the courses that I ‘m taking and I’m excited to know just where exactly will they take during my career.

Then again, I haven’t taken an accounting course here. 🙂

It’s really hard to say which courses are my favorite: Marketing or Organizational Behavior. Marketing is fun because you get to look into potential customer’s heads and figure out how to get them to buy your stuff.

Organizational Behavior is fun because it teaches you how to look into the heads of your employees to get them productive. I am so glad that I took this course this term. It has taught me a lot about why managers act the way they do and that I need to improve and work hard to get the positions that I want in my career. I can’t do it with a mediocre AHT and high Work time. They won’t even think of promoting me.

I think this may be my calling…. Business – as my PB says! 🙂

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