Carry on.

Managing time is like….

…. pushing playdough through a small hole.
Play doh picture

For a five year old, it’s slow going, and it takes a lot of strained energy to get all the dough through.

Right now, my life feels like that… So much to do in such a really compressed amount of time. This first week of school, I found out that every single minute is valuable and I can’t afford to waste any of it. The time I chose to slack off resulted in one full day of no study. Yikes! I can’t let that happen anymore!

I’m tired. Really tired. And as Nico gets older, he gets more draining and wants me to help him solve his games and puzzles on the computer. It’s hard to refuse him and yet I must if I am to succeed in the course and in our future life. I hope someday, he will understand why I have to ignore him sometimes.

No… I can’t feel guilty. We’re laying a foundation for a better life. I can’t stress over it. I just cant.

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