Carry on.

The gate opens… the path appears!

On Friday, Chris called and left a message for Evelyn to call her back. She sounded quite excited to hear from Evelyn regarding her application for the Accounts Payable position Miles Employment group posted on the careerclick website.

The following Monday she was doing all of her tests. By Tuesday morning she was being Interviews. By Tuesday afternoon, she was hired as a full time accountant. And Bam! The gate opened and a path appeared where we could finally forge out on our own after we pay off our debts and save for that elusive down payment.

I sometimes wondered when Evelyn stepped off that plane that just a few short years later she would be persuing her life long dream of being an accountant. And here she is…. she’s living the dream.

Whether she became an accountant, chosen education or a nanny as a career, I would still be proud of my Evelyn. In whatever she decides to do, once she makes up her mind to do it, somehow things get done and there she is achieving her goal, humbly, with each steady step.

Now, we finally have a vehicle in which we can save for our house, and pay off our debts in a quick manner. Hopefully we can keep both of our jobs for some time to come and our schedules as well. What a load off our shoulders!

In spite of all the hard work that Evelyn did, it was definitly an answer to our many prayers for a way out of this place that we’re in. We want so much to raise a family in a righteous home of our own. I guess our Father in Heaven decided that now is the time to see if Herbert and Evelyn really want that goal. It’s a blessing and our Father in Heaven opened the gate for us so we can run on that path.

Thank you so much!

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