Carry on.

Hospitals… the place of sorrows… the place of miracles.

On Saturday, we visited Mahir Ulker, Irelda’s two year old nephew in the hospital. He got e-coli poisoning from the Queens Park petting zoo and has been in the Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver Children’s hospital ever since. Irelda asked me to perform a blessing. Blessings were given, prayers offered… I believe that if it is His will for him to live, it will take a long time for him to recover. I know that he’ll be okay. But I also know it will take a lot of faith, prayers and time for him to get back to his active vibrant self.

Irelda and her whole family fasted and prayed for his healing – something that I don’t think they’ve ever done before. If there’s one thing that Mahir has done for them is to help Irelda and her children focus their faith and Prayers. One miracle that Mahir helped in.

I know that if we continue to pray for Mahir’s survival he will get better.

While we were there the family’s newborn baby died of a heart defect. I could see it in the husband’s eyes when he walked into the room to inform his wife of their child’s death. He calmly called her to the hallway and brought him to the room next door to Mahirs and there, they cried.

I’ve never had death happen so close to me before, and it has really hit me hard. Usually, I hear someone has died through a letter, a telephone call, in the newspaper. But now, it happend right next to me. Eventually, death will come and take me by the hand. I just hope it won’t be soon. I hope it will be later… much much later.

Those people in the Children’s hospital… I’ve never seen true professionalism until I walked into that hospital. I have never met any more calm well mannered meticulous people in all my life. What they do there can be classified as miracles as well.

I hope that for Mahir, there will be one too.

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