Carry on.

Three hours….three precious hours.

Did you ever have a really good dream that seemed so real, so lifelike and so happy that it was real to you? Then you wake up with the utter disappointment that it was a dream. You frantically go back to sleep thinking and rethinking in your heart and mind what you just dreamt about hoping that the dream will pick up where you left off.

I got home at 3AM from work to find my wife sleeping alone in the bed! Bonus! Usually Nicolas is there so I can’t hold her. But tonight I did. I woke her up, said a prayer with her. It felt so good to hold her for the precious few minutes before I went to sleep.

Then I woke up three hours later to find Nicolas beside me and my wife off to work. It was like a dream, only to wake up with her gone.

It’s hard to take sometimes, but I know this will only be for a short time. I just need to get this degree to qualify myself for a good job – a job that will allow me to spend time with my family – when it will really count – when the children have problems in school and need their father there to help them. It’s better that I go through this now while we have few children.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the weekend. That way I can be with my wife for more than just the winks at night,

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