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Line ups at the Student U

I arrived a half an hour early for my class today, so I decided to be frugal and purchase my textbooks from the used bookstore sale provided by the Cap College student Union. All in all, I saved about 30% off the regular price of the text books. Excellent Value. It’s interesting that the books that I purchased look brand new.

Marketing 5th ed by Berkowitz et al., free from folds, highlighter dashes and pen marks “creeeeaaaked” open. I have a feeling that the previous owner either memorized the lectures or failed miserably! Let’s hope that I can put this book to good use and read every single page with full intent and concentration.

While waiting in line, the person ahead of me had his Father accompany him.
Student Union Rep: “So you want the Calculus 4th ed. Do you want the Solutions manual?”
Student: “I don’t know… Dad, what do you think?”
Dad: (to the Rep) “Is this text really necessary?”
Student Union Rep: “I don’t know. I’ve never taken that course before. It depends on the teacher.”
Student: “Hmmmm…. what should I do?”
Dad: “Let’s just get the essentials for now. It’s just a solutions manual.”

I remembered the first time through at the UBC bookstore where I had to buy Adam’s Calculus 1st Edition. I had the option to buy the study solutions or not… I chose not to, thinking I’d be saving enough money to by myself a potted plant or a nice set of shelves for my dorm room. Looking back, it was a big mistake… The solution’s manual is the best place to find out whether you were learning anything or just answering the questions horribly wrong. It was a big shock by the end of my first foray into First-year University Engineering Calculus… 68%, where in high school my Honours Mathematics mark was 89%. For the record, I don’t recall ever successfully raising a potted plant to adulthood my entire time at UBC.

I wanted to warn him, “Get the solution’s manual. It’s the best way to figure out how to get through Engineering Calculus!”. To my relief, I saw it: Engineering Calculus – Solution’s manual. The dad wasn’t all that thrilled, but I know that he’ll be pleased, when his son gets a good mark in the course!

Back to my marketing textbook. In an effort to read every single page of each textbook I purchase from now on, I looked at the Introduction: Chapter Opening Vignettes, Concept Checks, Interactive CD Roms, Video Case Studies, supplementary websites… I didn’t have any of these things in my Engineering textbooks when I first went to University. Then again… perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. I guess it pays to read every page!

My wife told me today, “Don’t get frustrated, Ok? You don’t have to worry about us. Just worry about your courses. Don’t worry about me.”

You know it’s going to be a challenge when your wife asks you to “don’t do” a whole bunch of things. She hit the nail right on the head though… Those are the things that I’m worried about the most. I get frustrated easily and I worry about my wife more than my courses. But It’s sound advice. I ought to follow it if we are to succeed. If I succeed, then our whole family will too!

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