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Getting back into the habit (again)

Have you ever neglected reading your scriptures for so long that when you decide to go back, you forget where you stopped reading? Ditto for working out. It took me awhile to find the page but here I am starting again – trying to get back to the right habits.

Looking back over the past couple of weeks, I’ve watched more TV, eaten more junk food and wasted more time than I have ever done in quite a long time… and that needs to stop, especially since school is so close. I need to get into the habit of reading, studying, exercising and making the use of my time.

I’ll be taking three courses next term so time will be precious. I even started making my schedule – each day packed with reading here, driving there, studying here, exerecising there… I know that I’ll miss Evelyn… but I hope that we can both keep our eyes on the prize – our desire to serve a mission together when we’re old enough to wear Depends and Dentures.

I wonder how Nicolas can handle it? I find it difficult to focus on studying when he needs help loading the Sesame street website… and he needs help connecting the dots or removing the error boxes that occasinally flash on the screen.

I am a student. But I am also a husband. I am also a father. I hope, I sincerely hope that I can juggle all three roles succesfully – without dropping any of the roles.

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