Carry on.

Scary times ahead

There are some scary times ahead… My son will be going to preschool twice a week. Evelyn will be looking for full time work. Me? I’ll be going to school three times a week during the day and I will work evening shifts five days a week. I’ll be studying in between.

So why am I scared? All these things mean that I will not be able to see my wife during the week except while she’s fast asleep in bed …. until the weekend.

I don’t know how this will affect our life. I feel a little bit guilty putting my family through this, but I think that this is the best way to have our family on solid footing in the future. It will be hard now, but it will be so much more easier in the future for all of us. But will it be so hard that there will be no future? For four years, I will not be spending time with my family that I should.

Maybe I’m worrying too much. Elder Russel M. Nelson spent years in residence where he couldn’t see his family at all. Successful doctors, businessmen and people all over the church had to make sacrifices like these for the good of the family.

I guess it reminds me of what David Lee told me… “Your life will be full of calamities and hard times. Are your shoulders strong enough for the burden?” I think so. But I don’t know about my family. I don’t know if we, as a family can handle the tough times. I hope so. I hope that we can take it… I hope that our family is strong enough spiritually for these four years.

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