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At the height of my depression, before the medication, my wife mentioned that I never smiled anymore and she was quite worried. My parents we worried too and they had no idea why I was so depressed. They didn’t know the weight that I was carrying at the time. Debt, lack of progress in school, second rate career. It was a very trying time. I took the medication for almost a year and my life started to get back in order. Things started to get better and now I’m off the meds.

But the other day, on the way back from the temple, Evelyn told me that she has never seen me happier in a long time. She told me that I’ve changed and that I seem more calm. More relaxed and more happy, especially since I went off the medication.

I’ve been off for two months… there are some off days, but for the most part I feel fine. And it’s nice to hear it from your loved ones too.

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