Carry on.

Grinding on the Grindstone

This has been a hectic two weeks. This week, I have a presentation for English and a whole term long journal to write in just a few days. My final exam is on Thursday. To top it off, we have 12 people visiting from Calgary. Combine that with Evelyn working full time for the week… it’s been quite crazy, but so far I’m getting by. Granted, it’s only Monday, but my presentation is basically finished – just need to print out some pictures. At least this Thursday, it’ll be all over for a couple of weeks before I go back to school in September.

I signed up for my courses in September: Business Law, Business Computing and… get this… Introductory Chinese! I’ll be adding a Chinese section here on the blog to increase my skills. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be doing full blogs in Chinese as well! I’m so excited! It felt good being able to sign up for the courses that I wanted, at the times which I wanted. I hope I can keep it up, and I hope that I can get a scholarship for January. We’ll see!

I gotta keep grinding on the grindstone! I need to work hard.

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