Carry on.


Today I didn’t feel like waking up at all. I had already slammed the alarm clock shut ages ago and woke up to my son asking me to wake up. It was 8:30… and I had to be in classes at 9.

I had no desire to go to school today, and the whole 45 minute car ride to the Cap, I had thought of so many reasons not to go. I even thought of ways where I could just skip the day and have some fun… But I didn’t follow through.

So I went to class. For the first time in a long time, I took part in the class as an informed, educated contributor who actually knew what he was talking about. It’s interesting how reading the assignments when assigned can affect how intelligent you sound during the discussion!

Astute observations… interesting twists and turns… I have never been interested in an English course before. I actually enjoy it now.

But with only two more weeks left…. We don’t have much time…. and two more weeks after that… onto the September grind…. the REAL grind.

Looking forward
Back in UBC, I looked forward to the upcoming term the way a recliner looks forward to being sat on by a failed Atkins diet participant – you know, like me… lost a few pounds but gained two sizes when the doctor told me to quit. I looked forward to school with the enthusiasm of a sloth.

But now, I feel like I was in Elementary School. I feel that anticipation that only geeks feel before the first day of school – the excitement … that impatient excitement is what I’m feeling at the moment.

Another thing though that nags at me like tiny silk threads of dental floss tied to my arm and shackling me to the fencepost – “What if I fail? What if I get burt out? What if this leads me nowhere?” Out comes the extinguisher. “No, I will not let you take away this day!”

And I’ve felt pretty good all day long!

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