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Turning down a promotion

The thing that I like about my current job is that It’s from 6PM to 2AM. This allows me to go to school and do all the extra things I would like to do. It also allows my wife to work at Ricky’s and for me to spend time with my son.

So, when I applied for the promotion, I was wondering if this was the best thing for me at this point of my career. After all, I’ve just started school and someone needs to be home during the day. So when I showed up for the interview I asked the interviewer what kind of shifts is he looking for.

They were looking for someone who can work a variety of shifts – something that I didn’t want to change for the next three years. I thought about the variable shifts and the uncertainty in my time and found myself saying to the Interviewer, “Perhaps it’s not the right time for me to have this position.”

I think I was the front runner for the position. I almost got hired in the first round a few months ago but my stats kept me back. Now that I have the stats under my belt… I turned it down.

I feel good about this. I really need to finish my courses and give Evelyn a chance to do the things that she wants to do. It’s a risk of course… after all I’ve been in this position for almost three years… I’m not sure if they will let me stay here for four more as a first level tech. Let’s hope so!

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