Carry on.

Building a foundation

One thing that Brother Chan has been encouraging me to do is to get involved in the Filipino community in order to get travel sales. Things have been slow in the Travel agency field, but there’s a possiblity of a Mediterannean reunion for the Ritans in 2005.

Upon thinking about it, I thought, “What’s holding me back? Why am I afraid to network? Why am I avoiding something that is essential to becoming successful in business?” I need to open my mouth and get involved in the community. Otherwise, I’m just wasting my time in the North Vancouver office.

Volunteering in the community will be the best way. I’ve sent emails to the Philippines Canada Trade Council and to the Philippine journal. If I can get a volunteer position now, it may help. Also, it’s a great stepping stone to volunteering at the Vancouver Board of trade in Third and Fourth Year.

The goal, of course, is to develop business contacts to become successful in a career in business. I need to start somewhere… and volunteering in the Filipino Business community is the first step.

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