Carry on.

School excitement

I got my registration time ticket today for the fall session:
16 August 2004 – 10 AM

Woohoo! The first time in my entire life that I will get first priority in Courses. I think I will take Chinese 100 this term because it’s very very hard to get into (only one section) and I would really like to learn. I will also register in BADM 106: Organizational Behavior and BCPT 123: Business Computing.

I know… it’s not exactly a heavy courseload, especially since I have strong experience in BCPT. But I really need to get good grades so I can qualify for Scholarships next term! This should help. I also want to be able to understand Channel 126 (Talentvision). It would also be nice to be able to read Chinese websites too!

I am really looking forward to school this term! I hope that I can continue this enthusiasm and get a good mark. Looking at my schedule, It won’t take long for me to graduate: only a short four years.

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