Carry on.

It’s not always popular….

… to make righteous choices.

In Helaman Chapter 16 we learn a little bit about the experiences of the Prophet Samuel. He wasn’t that popular in his time because most of the people wanted to do the things they wanted to do, without any thought for the commandments and teachings of God.

So when Samuel came, not only did they want to pick on him, or even beat him up. They wanted to Kill him. But he still diligently shared his message in the hopes that a few people would accept the message of the Gospel. Many did.

I think about how vailant I have been lately in the Gospel. If I were placed in the time of Samuel, would I be defending him? Would I be cowering in a corner, hiding my faith? Would I be one of stone throwers or shooting arrows at him?

I think about how the world is today – support for Gay and Lesbian marriage, support for activities destroying the family, support for the systematic elimination of religion and our relationship to God – these are things that we as Latter-day Saints need to contend with on a continuous basis. When I say contend, I mean continuously teaching our families and others that these things are wrong.

As a result, I don’t have too many friends… and I don’t go out drinking with co-workers. I don’t go out clubbing and I don’t watch things that I shouldn’t. It hasn’t made me a popular guy. And I accept that. It comes with the territory of living in an unrighteous world.

Which brings me to my next point – perhaps we can make it a lot easier on ourselves if we help those around us to find the truth and cling to it.

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