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An important home teaching appointment

Today, I had a very important home teaching visit. John and Steve gave us a lesson on faith. John had been waiting for several years to find the one that he is supposed to marry. It’s not an easy thing in this Church. People are always encouraging the singles to get married ASAP. But John never gave up hope or lost faith in the promises he received in his prayers – if he was faithful and served in the Church, he will find the one that he’s looking for.

Now, he’s back from his honeymoon and I can see a special glow in both his face and his new bride. The waiting is over but his faith continues. He told us about the story where he and his wife were looking for a place to live. Such an important decision, they felt, should be done in prayer. They prayed about places, researched places and found a place which was more expensive than they had planned. They felt right about it. And here’s the kicker: they prayed about it and felt that “This is the place Heavenly Father wants them to be in. This is the place where he can best serve – in the PoCo ward.” They also prayed that if it is not, that they will be led to the right place.

They’ve already moved in to that very same place.

Looking back in our life, I have always felt a feeling of unsatisfaction, of underachievement and guilt for not being able to find a place outside of my parent’s basement. Rarely, though would I feel gratitude for the privlege of living here. Rarely would I remember that, perhaps, this is where our Father in Heaven wants me to be. This may be the place where we can have the most influence for good. Rarely did I ever stop to consider His plan, His purpose for us being here.

Although I have a strong desire to move on to our own place. I know in my heart that this is not the time. Sure… debt has a lot to do with it. But perhaps I need to focus more on the work that I can do here right now for my Father in Heaven. For now, he wants me to be here. But he wants me to move on when we are in a sound financial footing. I need to get working. Quickly.

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