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The Homer Simpson Effect

I can’t believe it! I actually quoted Homer Simpson in my English 103 class! We were talking about society’s morbid facination with blood, guts, gore and violence. Without putting much thought to the consequences of my words, I blurted out, “Homer Simpson Said it best when he was watching a car accident scene: ‘It’s funny because I don’t know them!’ ”

I guess part of us, the natural man, the carnal man enjoys that sort of thing. Think about it. Do you slow down whenever there is a car accident? Do you think that Hannibal Lectern (“Helloooo Clarisseee”) is a compelling and exciting character? Most of us have a portion of that shadow in our psyche.

Homer Simpson is correct. If the roles were reversed, we wouldn’t find it the least bit amusing. The injuries are a lot more painful on us rather than on someone else. But to see that misfortune on others, that’s the addiction. A cure for this addiction is quite hard to come by.

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