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My Career – a good hard look

Today, a new posting came up – TSR 2.0, the next level of technical support at my company. I will apply for it since it increases the possibility of becoming a supervisor someday. But thinking about it a little more I realize that I don’t think I will be here in five years. Why?

I want a career in business. I look at the lives of people who studied accounting, international business, marketing and finance… they have excellent, well paying careers. I don’t see my life improving by staying here in the technology field.

The good thing though… it pays quite well for an entry level job, and it’s quite stable when you get started. But I don’t see myself answering phones for the rest of my life, listening to screaming newbies who don’t even know how to click the right mouse button – heh… most of them are those very executives in business who have the same amount of patience as a kid in MacDonalds who couldn’t get the happy meal they wanted.

Anyway, one thing that I really would like to have is “financial dignity” … the ability to buy whatever I want whenever I want, without having to worry if there’s enough in the bank account at the end of the day. I don’t see that happening in my career if I stay as a lowly tech support rep. I need to finish my degree! I need to get out there and grab my dream. I can’t let anyone stop me – especially me!

2 thoughts on “My Career – a good hard look

  1. yong_sa

    Yes. I study during the day and work full time in the evening. Right now, I go to school twice a week, four hours a day. This September, it’ll be quite a challenge when I start the official full time schedule.

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