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Next Target: English 103

I barely registered in English 103 – Contemporary Literature. I was the last one on the waitlist. Lucky me! Or so I thought… Lots of reading on books about missing children.

The main theme of the course is how society views children. We’ll be reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, The Sweet Hereafter By Russell Banks, Required Reading By Heather Spears.

We are required to write a journal as we read through the books… about 2-3 single-spaced, handwritten pages. I wonder what that translates to in terms of blog pages. I’d rather type it in on my blog, but if it makes it difficult to print, I may have to cave in and buy a notebook. My handwriting isn’t that great either.

It looks like an interesting course, a far cry from the science and engineering courses that I have taken in the past. Hopefully, I’ll get an A…. I really need to get one in order to qualify for a full scholarship in January. We can’t afford the tuition… and the banks won’t lend me money…. neither will the government. So a scholarship is all that I have in order to continue onward.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Next Target: English 103

  1. C Chan

    Hey Herb! Just noticed your new site. I’ll come back & read all the posts later. Hope you’re doing well. When you & Evelyn have time, I’d love to come visit your family.

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