Carry on.

Tent Conversations

On Saturday, we went Dad’s shed and set up the tent to air it out. We decided to spend the night at the tent. Something strange about sleeping in a tent… it tends to get you talking and thinking about your dreams and hopes for the future.

Evelyn and I hugged each other underneath the blankets and the subject of my career came up. She gave me some wonderful advice, “Don’t look at the time. You’re 28, but the more you look at the time, the more you’ll get frustrated. When I waited at the bus the other day, it was 5:30. Then I checked the watch, it was 5:32, then 5:34… It felt so long to wait for the bus. For you, Just don’t look at the time. Just work hard, study and do your work. You’ll be done soon. ”

She’s so right. It’s so easy to get caught up in how behind I am compared to the people I graduated with in high school. It’s so easy to get frustrated when people my age are doing so well. But it’s not easy to see how much I’ve actually progressed and how much I’ve actually done with my life. It’s not easy to accept that there is still time to accomplish the goals that I want to accomplish.

That’s the challenge – to be happy in the present and to work in the present, but not be discouraged about the future that seems so far off at times. I love my wife… she always knows just what to say.

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