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Goals for the week of 28 June 2004

Fell off the wayside last week but let’s try to get back in gear this week. Here are the weeks goals. Since I’m doing this a day late it will be from Tuesday 30 June to Sunday June 3rd.

1. Daily scripture study and Morning/Evening Prayer (x/6)
2. Study accounting (x/6)
3. Exercise 3 times (x/3)
4. 3 Korean Journal entries (x/3)
5. Clean the car and keep it clean every day (x/6)

1) 100% Achievement: Granville Island Fudge + Korean Movie Download
2) 80% Achievement: Gelato Ice Cream + Korean Movie Download
3) 60% Achievement: Korean Movie Download

I think that I’ve overcome the TV habit, so I’ve taken it off the list. There’s so much more to do anyway. I haven’t eaten at McDonalds A&W or Burger King in a long time, so now that’s off the list.

Well, it’s time to look for new goals… One thing that Evelyn would like to see is that I keep the car clean and tidy. It’s very hard to do… especially from the offset – my car is so messy. So, I’ll spend the day cleaning it out tomorrow and trying to keep it spotless for the rest of the week. Hopefully I can do it.

Brought down the Korean journal entry goal a bit… I didn’t get around to it last week. I don’t think three entries is too much to ask.

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