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My First A

Checked the Cap College website and I found this:

Herb's Grade

Yeah, I know… It’s just a summer course. Also, I only took one course this term. And it’s an INTRODUCTORY course to management. But hey…. I’ve never seen the words “Good Academic Standing” associated with my name or student ID before. Also, I haven’t seen an A in a long time for a 3 credit course since Grade 12…. Yes, that’s right! Grade 12!

I wonder if I can keep it up. I really need to, actually. I can’t afford the tuition and I need the scholarship money to keep going.

One thought on “My First A

  1. Evelyn

    That’s my hun…
    I know you can do it…Just believe in yourself.
    Keep it up! Evelyn 🙂

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