Carry on.

Goals for the week of June 21st 2004

  1. Scripture Study & Morning/Evening Personal Prayer: Every Day. x/7
  2. Write one Journal Entry each day from Unit 12 in Speaking Korean x/7
  3. Exercise 3 times this week x/3
  4. No TV or fast food this Week including Hot Dogs x/7
  5. Study Accounting 1.5 hours per day x/6
  6. AHT of less than 120 per day x/5

100% : One Korean Movie Download. Poutine Combo / Hot Dog
80% : One Korean Movie Download. Just Regular Fries
70% : One Korean Movie Download.

Well, I almost got 100% last week, so I’m modifying this weeks goals again. The Scripture Study and Morning/Evening Personal prayer are now one goal. A little more intense and I really need to buckle down to keep it going.

Introducing a new goal which will probably be ongoing: Korean Study. I’ve decided to start my ?? ?? entries again so I can apply what I’m learning in the Speaking Korean Series. I think I need to refine my Korean now.

Exercise 3 days this week – A relatively new goal, but I need to make this a regular habit.

Although I didn’t go to McDonalds last week, or to any fast food restaurant, I did buy a few hot dogs last week – bending the rules… yes. So I’m including them specifically in my goal.

Study Accounting: I need to get this finished before school starts in September

AHT 120: This was so hard… but I need to demonstrate my value to the Company by meeting their standards.

Regarding the rewards: I’m getting addicted to Korean Dramas! I love ’em! But they take a lot of bandwidth and a lot of my time. So, I’m trying to limit them to rewards. We need to save some money, so I’m not getting sushi anymore, except on special occasions. A poutine/hotdog combo will do just fine.

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